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Magic Singles » Mirrodin Block » Mirrodin

Far from Dominaria, in a distant corner of the Multiverse, lies Mirrodin, a plane made entirely of metal. Blades of golden grass in the Razor Fields chime in the wind. Huge misshapen boulders are magnetically suspended above the peaks of rusted iron mountains. Elsewhere, a wide sea of silvery liquid reflects the sky like a rippled mirror. On the horizon, four suns rise and set in strange orbits: white, blue, red, and a black sphere of void. It is here that Magic finds a unique story.

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Yotian Soldier
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Artifact Creature - Soldier | Color: Artifact | Condition: | Cost: 3 | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Yotian Soldier | Pow/Tgh: 1/4 | Rarity: C | Set Name: Mirrodin
Mirrodin: Light Play, English $0.17 x 20

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