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Magic Singles » Invasion Block » Apocalypse

This is it. It's all hitting the fan. And the fan's hitting back. The Signs of Apocalypse are here. Enemy colors band together like never before. Volvers evolve into huge monstrosities if you pay one or both of their enemy-color kicker costs while Sanctuaries give you a benefit each upkeep if you control a permanent of one or both enemy colors. Even creatures show signs of the Apocalypse as new magical abilities threaten to unleash multi-colored mayhem. Be Wise; Learn to handle their fury. After all, knowledge is power. Miss out and rest in pieces. Apocalypse. Coming.

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Zombie Boa
Artist: | Card Number: | Card Type: Creature - Zombie Snake | Color: Black | Condition: | Cost: 4B | Finish: Regular | Language: | Name: Zombie Boa | Pow/Tgh: 3/3 | Rarity: C | Set Name: Apocalypse
Apocalypse: Light Play, English $0.18 x 1

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